Where to eat?

The local culinary specialties make the gastronomy of the Plateau Matheysin particularly generous. Indeed, you are in Matheysine Earth, where one combines the beautiful and the good. We feast, we revel. Developed from fresh products, both mountain and innovative, the local gastronomy shines in small hidden treasures. In Laffrey and around you will be served the gastronomy that is part of the heritage. Discover the restaurants near the departure and arrival sites that will delight sportsmen and companions.

Focus on the five partner communities of the event to eat as close to the SWIMRUNMAN Village located in Laffrey. Laffrey, Saint-Théoffrey (5km away), Cholonge (5km away), Villard Saint-Christophe (8km away) and Saint Jean-de-Vaulx (2km away) welcome you on the shores of the lakes.

Restoration. Reservation strongly recommended.

Restaurant Laffrey Swimrunman