22.10 km

3.80km SWIM | 18.30km RUN

"In the heart of the Alps, in the heart of the swimrun"


How can you not be transported by the spectacle offered by the Great Lakes of Laffrey? The four lakes mark the boundary between the National Park of the boxes and the Vercors, where nature still has its rights. Surrounded by the Taillefer massif (2857m), the Alpe du Grand Serre (2141m), the Tabor (2389m) and with the Obiou as a backdrop (2789m), the setting is majestic. On a a successful route in 2019 the CLASSIC SWIMRUNMAN by HEAD format will take you from one shore to the other of the lakes along its 22.1km (3.80km SWIM / 18.30km RUN) and, whether you are in BINOMIAL or in Solo, you can only marvel at these alpine landscapes, between lakes and mythical summits. Just grand.

Total Distance: 22.10 km

Total swim : 3.80km
Total run: 18.30km
Positive elevation: 476m
Effort time: 2h30 to 4h40

Number of swims: 7
Number of Run: 8

Big swim: 1.25km
Big run: 6.70 km

Liquid refuelling: 3
Solid refuelling: 2

Classic laffrey swimrun

"A swimrun course in the purest respect of tradition"


The course includes all the features that make this CLASSIC format a real swimrun course; nearly 20% Swimming, rhythmic RUN sections from 200m to 6.70km, with real trail and trail trails 476m D + to attest to that. 14 Transitions and a 1250m BIG SWIM as a justice of the peace which will remind you of the size of the expanse of Lac de Laffre

In rich and varied mountain landscapes, one would almost forget that Grenoble is only 25 minutes away of this haven of peace. But it is indeed from the commune of Saint Théoffrey that you will set off, on the shores of Lake Petichet. The waters of the lakes, sometimes turquoise blue, sometimes royal blue and the steep paths of the Matheysin plateau, will lead you to Villard-Saint-Christophe, Cholonge before joining the now traditional arrival in Laffrey and its historical setting. Prairie of the Meeting in homage to Napoleon.

The Alps, Isère and the Matheysin plateau are a real swimrun land. See you on August 23rd, 2020 to judge it.