23 AUGUST 2020




1.1 : The association Nature et Dénivelé and the company Alci 4 Events whose head offices are in Montpellier (34) are organising a sporting event entitled "SWIMRUNMAN GREAT LAKES OF LAFFREY".

1.2: The SWIMRUNMAN is a timed Swimrun type event with swimming and running portions to be done in pairs or solo according to the race format. The total distances can be in the order of 14km, 22km or 30km.

1.3: This test shall be governed by this Regulation only valid and to which no other person shall be substituted.

1.4: Any participant in this event is supposed to know this regulation and agrees to submit, by checking the box provided for this purpose at the bottom of the page, without reservation to all these requirements.

1.5: The only authorities competent for the application of these regulations are the Nature et Dénivelé association and the company Alci 4 Events.

1.6: The event is open to people born before August 22, 2002.

1.7: The Nature et Dénivelé and Alci 4 Events organisers reserve the right to modify the course, date, event, timetable and these rules without notice. However, they undertake to inform the registered riders of any modification(s) or addition(s) to the rules, course, event(s), date and time before the start of the event.

1.8: If the organising committee considers that the climatic conditions are too unfavourable, it shall make the necessary modifications to the course, to stop or if necessary to its cancellation. Under no circumstances will the amount of the registration be reimbursed.

1.9: The arrival of the participants at the venue of the event is obligatory the day before the departure for the withdrawal of the bibs, except in exceptional cases at the discretion of the organising committee.

1.10: Participants agree to the use by the organizers and their partners of the images and photos taken at the event. This is without limitation either in time, the medium or quantity, or the method of distribution (commercial, promotional and advertising use in all types of media). All rights and images of the event are reserved.

1.11: The active security of the event is ensured by:

-the direction of the event,
-A team of beacons,
-A rescue team.

ARTICLE 2: Registration

2.1: The online registration platform is available on the website:

2.2: The inscription includes: a gift (to be recovered when the bibs are withdrawn), supplies, a bib (jumper), access to the race, an electronic chip for the timekeeping (to be put on arrival).

2.3: The inscription is made in team of two or solo according to the formats.

2.3.1: To participate as a team, your team must consist of two people (2 men or 2 women or mixed: 1 man and 1 woman). The event is open to people born before 23 August 2002.

2.4: Only complete teams and/or complete files, having settled the amount of the registration and signed the regulation, are authorized to take the start unless the organization has decided.

2.4.1: A medical certificate, or a FFTRI competition 2020 licence, must be provided (see article 9 of the SWIMRUNMAN regulations)

2.4.2: By signing this regulation, the participant agrees to be overflew and filmed by an aircraft (Drône) during the entire day.

2.4.3: By signing this regulation, the competitor certifies on the honour to have an individual accident insurance and to be aware of the risks inherent in the practice of these activities.

2.5: At the time of registration, each participant undertakes to inform the whole of the requested information appropriately.

2.5.1: During a team registration, by signing this regulation, the team leader undertakes to inform his teammate of the terms and conditions present in the regulations. Thus, the binomial will be aware of the rules of the event.

2.6: Persons who do not have the bib will be banned on the course during the race time and may be excluded from the race by the organisation, even if they accompany a registered participant.

2.7: Each participant will have to present an identification, his E-ticket and a surety check of the value of the jumper and the electronic chip in order to withdraw his bib.

2.8: No bib and participant pack will be sent by mail.

2.9: Cancellations:

Requests for cancellations must be made imperatively during the following periods in order to allow the corresponding partial reimbursements:

– Up to 4 months before race day: Reimbursement of 50% of the registration fee

– from 4 months to 45 days before race day: Reimbursement of 35% of the registration fee

– Less than 45 days before race day: no refund

2.10: Registration Transfers and Modifications:

– The possibility of transfer is only valid for events SWIMRUNMAN France.

– The transfer/modification fee amounts to €20 + service fees, whatever they may be.

– Transfer is only possible on other events of the same year or on the same race the following year.

– The transfer of an inscription to another person is not permitted.

– If an athlete transfers their registration to an event where the commitment price is lower, no refund of the difference will be made.

– If an athlete transfers their registration to an event where the commitment price is higher, they will have to pay the difference in addition to the transfer fees and service charges.

– Transferring to an event displaying "full" is not possible.

– Athletes must request their transfer no later than 20 days before the date of the race to which they were previously registered.

– Transfers are only allowed for individual or team registrations – entries made via sponsors, charitable works or inscriptions offered may not be transferred.

– Once a transfer or refund is validated, it is no longer possible to transfer a registration. The transfer or postponement of registration is only possible once.

– If an athlete opts for a transfer, he or she loses the right to a refund on the original event.

– Any modifications (change of teammate, etc.) will incur an additional cost of €20 + service charges.

The transfer of registration must be carried out no more than 30 days after the request. If not, the transfer will be cancelled.

ARTICLE 3: The departure

3.1: A race briefing will be held the day before the start at 6:30 pm, and on race day 5min before the start. The 2 competitors of each team, if any, must be present. In particular, the safety instructions will be recalled.

3.2: Only the race committee is entitled to give the start.

3.3: Any person or team who will be on the starting line with more than a quarter of an hour late may be denied access to the race, at the discretion of the organising committee.

ARTICLE 4: The activities

4.1: Running:

4.1.1: The running distance is marked. Participants agree to abide by this marking and not to leave the proposed routes.

4.1.2: Members of the same team undertake not to be separated by more than 15 metres under penalty of disqualification.

4.1.3: On each course, the time of the running race will be stopped by the Organisation Committee following the compulsory hourly barriers to be respected. The latter will be communicated upstream of the event.

4.2: Swimming:

4.2.1: The swimming course is marked from one bank to another. Participants agree to abide by this marking and not to leave the course.

4.2.2: Members of the same team undertake not to be separated by more than 5 metres under penalty of disqualification.

4.2.3: On each course, the time of the swimming event will be stopped by the Organisation Committee following two mandatory hourly barriers to be respected. The latter will be communicated upstream of the event.

4.3: Other information:

4.3.1: Once the line has been crossed, participants will have to make the microchip and bib on pain of additional billing.

4.3.2: The Organization reserves the right to interrupt the race if it deems it necessary.

4.3.3: The route is drawn in a natural and urban setting. Progression is done on foot and in the water, the use of any motorized equipment is prohibited.

4.3.4: Participants undertake to respect the environment of the course. It is therefore forbidden to leave the race routes and dispose of waste outside the planned areas.

4.3.5: On certain sections of the transit times will be taxed. Any team showing up after this time slot will see its route shortened.

4.3.6: The organisation reserves the right to stop the progression of the participants if it seems necessary.

4.3.7: When the test takes courses open to road traffic, the rules of the race are erased before the obligations of the road code. Participants are compelled to submit to the road code.

4.3.8: The abandonment of a competitor during the event leads to the abandonment of his team, if necessary.

4.3.9: Any abandonment must be reported to one of the members of the organization.

4.3.10: In the event of an accident, the teammate, if any, must always stay with the injured person while waiting for the rescue. The use of the whistle is exclusively reserved to prevent rescue.

4.3.11: The organisation reserves the right to stop a participant during the event on the advice of the medical team or the management of the event.

Article 5: Arrival

5.1: The stopwatch will be stopped by the organizing committee at the finish line. For the teams, the simultaneous presence of the 2 riders of the team will be obligatory.

5.2: The Times of the tests are timed in hours, minutes and seconds.

5.3: The transition time between the different tests is not counted, except for specific specification.

ARTICLE 6: Compulsory equipment

6.1: The individual obligatory material is:

– The bib (provided by the organisation)
-A pair of swimming goggles
– The electronic chip for timing (provided by the Organization)
-A whistle without a ball, always at your fingertips
-Adapted Shoes
– An isothermal combination adapted to T ° greater than or equal to 12 °c if the water temperature is below 16 °. If the water temperature is above 16 °, no combination is required. -A survival blanket

6.2: Prohibited Material:

- an isothermal suit suitable for T° greater than or equal to 12°C if the water temperature is greater than 24.5°.
– Any buoyancy aid greater than 100cm x 30cm
– Fins and tubas are not allowed

6.3: Any participant who does not have the required material explained in this regulation will not be able to start the event. The organization reserves the right to cancel the participation of a competitor if it does not comply with this deposit. The competitor agrees to possess the obligatory material and to present it to any requisition of the organizer during the entire event.

6.4: All refuelling is managed by the organization. The participants are in semi-autonomy liquid and solid.

ARTICLE 7: Miscellaneous

7.1: The event is timed.

7.2: According to the final time, a classification will be established. The time of each rider/team will be validated only after the organising committee has checked.

7.3: All claims concerning the race must be made in writing and transmitted to the organising committee the half hour after the results are displayed.

7.4: The causes of off-stroke are as follows:

– Any situation which does not agree with this regulation and the recommendations of the Race Management day,
– Any participant surprised outside the authorized courses or zones,
– Failure to comply with the instructions given by road reporters,
– Use of unauthorized travel means,
-Change of crew during the event,
– No respect for the wearing of the bib,
-Failure to comply with safety rules
-No respect for the cleanliness of the course and the reception places,
– Abandonment of detritus outside the bags provided for this purpose (tri-selective),
– Any behaviour that does not respect the spirit of sportsmanship,
– Deterioration of public or private property (passage in properties, gardens, crops, plantations,...),
– If an hourly barrier is exceeded,
– Delay in departure,
– Improper Attitude towards the organizers, failure to respect the population and/or the sites crossed.

ARTICLE 8: agreement, insurance and renunciation

8.1: in accordance with the law, the organisation subscribes to an organiser liability insurance. This policy guarantees the pecuniary consequences of bodily and material damage caused to third parties due to the conduct of the event.

8.2: Participants must, at the time of registration, be in possession of "civil liability insurance" and "personal accident insurance" to protect them against the risks inherent in their participation in SWIMRUNMAN. Any personal material will remain the sole responsibility of the participants, even when it is included in the instructions. Under no circumstances may the participant turn against the association Nature et Dénivelé, the company Alci 4 Events or their members for loss, theft or damage to the equipment. The equipment lent by the organiser is covered by the insurance policy taken out for the event.

8.3: All commitments are personal, firm and definitive, and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever (non-refundable options) in accordance with Article L221-28 of the French Consumer Code, except under the conditions set out in Article 15. The purchase of a race number is considered as a "Leisure Service". Paragraph 12 of article L221-28 stipulates that "The right of withdrawal may not be exercised for the purchase of leisure services that must be provided on a specific date or at a specific frequency". The same applies to personalised products such as a flocked t-shirt or personalised medal, personalised bib number, etc.

8.4: In the event of force majeure, natural disasters, climatic conditions, health problems or any other circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, in particular those endangering the safety of the competitors, the organisers reserve the right to cancel, postpone or neutralise one or more races without the competitors being able to claim any reimbursement.

ARTICLE 9: Medical certificate

9.1: The medical certificate is mandatory. It can be written by the practitioner on plain paper or by using the form provided on A FFTRI competition 2020 licence can replace the medical certificate.

9.2: Anyone who registers for SWIMRUNMAN must provide proof of a medical certificate less than 1 year old justifying the "no contraindication to the practice of Swimrun in competition: prolonged and intense efforts, alternating between running and swimming in open water" or "no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition" or a FFTRI licence competition 2020.

9.3: The type medical certificate is to be downloaded in the FAQ tab of the site

9.4: In accepting this regulation, each participant validates the fact of having read the various points of this regulation and in particular:

-be responsible for his or her state of health,
– Be in possession of personal insurance covering bodily injury,
-Be responsible for its personal effects,
-Do not continue the organization





Abandonment of litter or material


Anti-sports Attitude, falsification, sabotage


False identification of a participant during the race


No assistance to anyone in danger


Use of unauthorized transport




Switch to non-registered checkpoint


Checkpoint validated out of time


Mandatory equipment missing


Non-compliance with the course outside the CP


Non-compliant bib, bib loss


Dangerous behavior

Between 10min and 1hour

Failure to comply with a safety deposit

Between 10min and 1hour

External Assistance


Forgetting the electronic chip


Disrespectful Attitude towards a member of the organization

One hour

Swimrunman regulation