Swimrunman France Series by HEAD

Gorges du Verdon | Embrun - Serre-Ponçon | Great Lakes of Laffrey

eco responsible swimrun

« Since 2019, in order to reduce our use of plastic, we invite you to be autonomous at the supply points to serve yourself with water and/or energy drinks in containers provided for this purpose. The solution we offer you is a foldable cup.« 

Simple to use, easy to slip into the combination, reusable (trail, swimrun shop etc.) and lightweight, it allows us to reduce, just on one test, by 7 the number of cups produced (1 000 against 7 000), so we let you imagine on the whole SWIMRUNMAN FRANCE events, year after year...

In no case this solution is an obligation, you can very well use your own foldable Cup or your flask


Sunday 1st November 2020


Sunday 27 June 2021


Sunday August 22nd 2021

The sites chosen to host the events SWIMRUNMAN FRANCE by HEAD Are exceptional playgrounds for enthusiasts and lovers of swimrun. Both terrestrial and aquatic, these natural spaces offer all the diversity to practice and set up our events.

SWIMRUNMAN FRANCE wants to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, and to local development, by offering quality eco-responsible events that will raise awareness among participants, technical teams and spectators alike of the importance of protecting natural environments. To achieve this, we have an eco-responsible obligation of zero impact on the sites and, to achieve this, we create events on a human scale while respecting the most sensitive periods and sectors and carrying out post-event evaluations on our impact.


• Contribute to preserving and disseminating conservation values of natural environments

• To make our sporting event compatible with heritage conservation by eliminating potential impacts on biodiversity

• Ensure a quality event for athletes and an experience in natural spaces with value added

• Sensitize participants to the importance of protecting nature and uses, for an organization and for exemplary and accountable athletes.


The organisation SWIMRUNMAN FRANCE must be exemplary and make the appropriate choices to limit the impact of its event. Integrating the environmental awareness component into the communication plan of the event allows us to publicize our commitments.

It is important to address, from the first steps, the ecological issues and all the initiatives that we will have to anticipate with our teams:

 Training Our reception teams of the participants in the site's stakes;

 Transmitting clear guidelines on the management of waste sorting, the marking, the defence, the sensitivity of the natural environment;

 Disseminating awareness tools (slides, brochures, maps, videos, etc.);

 Planning with our teams the measures of reduction of impacts: Define them, necessary material, human means, cost, etc.;

 Contacting local sports, cultural or social associations and organizations to seek their expertise in the management of local issues.

Then we educate the participants...

 We define rules of respect for the environment;

 They must not discard any waste, respect the sorting of the rubbish;

 Remain imperative on the trails;

 Use of recyclable or reusable cups;

 Do not panic herds of animals, domestic or wild (inform about the good behaviours to be adopted in their presence);

 Any participant committing one of these offences will be disqualified;

 We will post and communicate the rules to be respected by athletes on:

The rules of the race, the website, the newsletter, the press kit, the Roadbook;

During the delivery of the bibs, the briefing before departure etc.

... and the companions.

 On the site the accompanying persons will be able to find the plan and the prescriptions in force on the day of the event;

 We will make available to the public the necessary information on the rules of good behaviour to be adopted (animals kept on leash, or even banned, do not throw cigarette butts or other waste on the ground or at sea...) on the Strategic Places (panel Display at the reception, camping, refuges, etc.) ;

Eco-Responsible Swimrunman


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