Gorges du Verdon | Embrun - Serre-Ponçon | Great Lakes of Laffrey

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The sites chosen to host SWIMRUN MAN FRANCE by HEAD events are exceptional playgrounds for swimrun enthusiasts and amateurs. Here is a selection of the most beautiful images. Between lakes and mountains, in the heart of some of the most beautiful Natural Parks in France, discover the most beautiful landscapes in France. SWIMRUN MAN FRANCE by HEAD, swimrun races not to be missed!
In 2020, the SWIMRUN FRANCE team invites you to join them for new adventures.


The Swimrun is a discipline of full nature Where humility and perseverance are essential values. In the Face of the natural elements that are the suddenly agitated waters of Great Lakes of Laffrey, the steep and mountainous trails ofEmbrun or the greatness and coldness of the waters of the canyon of Verdon Gorgeit will take a lot of determination and recklessness to overcome our trials. You will not be alone in embarking on this incredible adventure.

Your friends, family and closest circle of friends will certainly support you and thousands of swimrunners from France and all over Europe will be at your side in the sweet hope of becoming "FINISHER".

On this site you will find all the information about our events in order to approach them in the best conditions. Whether it's the formats SPRINTCLASSICHALFVERTICAL ULTRA Everyone will find a challenge to their measure. In direct connection with the essence of Swimrun France, in the pure respect of its values and its practice, you will be able to find all the information in terms of equipments and advice that will help you to become, one day, "Finisher SWIMRUNMAN".

SWIMRUN FRANCID Contributes Also to the Preserving biodiversity, and at DevelopLocal development by proposing EventS of quality that raise awareness to the Both the participants, the technical teams and the spectators to the importance of the Protection of the natural environment. For this, we have an obligation of zero impact in very exceptional sites (gorges of the Verdon, National Park of the boxes etc.) and to achieve this, we create protestsHuman size ions and Respect the most sensitive periods and sectors. At our side, work for a responsible and exemplary organization and athletes.

Welcome to the Universe SWIMRUN FRANCE!


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