Who can register?

The race is open to all if you are of age on the day of the race (18 years old). Otherwise there are the KIDS SWIMRUN races for 6 - 15 year olds.

How do I register?

All entries are made on the online registration platform available on the website: www.swimrunman.fr
It's fast and you will receive immediate confirmation of your registration. According to the formatsregistration is done alone or in teams of two.

What does my registration include?

For each race distance, the inscription includes:

  • Event cap by HEAD
  • T-shirt SWIMRUNMAN France by HEAD
  • Medal finisher
  • Buffet of the terroir and local products at the finish of the race (delicatessen, cheese, etc.)
  • Refuelling on the race
  • Safety, water and land rescue on the course
  • Volunteer management and equipment

How can I be sure that I am registered?

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive two e-mails, one confirming your registration to the event, the other confirming your payment being taken into account.

Can I come if I am in a handicap situation?

We do everything in our power to ensure that the route is accessible to all. It is necessary to contact us beforehand (via the contact page).

Can I cancel my registration?

The cancellation/refund request must be received according to the following periods to be eligible for a partial refund:

-Up to 4 months before race day: 50% of the registration fee reimbursed
-Up to 2 months before race day: 35% of the registration fee reimbursed
-After 2 months before the race day: no refund

Are the places limited?

On each of our dates, and each of the programmed race formats, the places are limited depending on the configuration of the site and the security constraints related to the latter. Do not delay too much to register because the closing of the registrations can intervene at any time.

Where and how do I remove my bib?

Where? At the village start of each event. The address is indicated in the official program in the"" tab Races »

When? The day before the event from 3pm to 6.30pm.

How? You will need to be provided with:

Your confirmation of registration with e-ticket received by mail the week before the event (please do not unnecessarily print your e-ticket, you can present it to us directly on your smartphone);

-Your identity document
-Your medical certificate, or your license, if it has not been validated by the organization in your online file or if it has not been posted online;

On the day of the event, your bib must be worn permanently, whether in swimming or running under penalty of disqualification.

Warning: No bib and participant pack will be sent by mail.

Can someone get my bib back for me?

Yes, provided that the record of the competitor in question is complete and validated. You will need to get your ID (or copy) and E-ticket.

How do I download my e-ticket?

You will receive it by mail the week before the event.

is the medical certificate mandatory?

The medical certificate is mandatory. It can be written by the practitioner on plain paper or by using the form provided on Www.swimrunman.fr/faq. A FFTRI competition 2020 licence can replace the medical certificate.

Anyone who registers for SWIMRUNMAN must provide proof of a medical certificate less than 1 year old justifying the "no contraindication to the practice of Swimrun in competition: prolonged and intense efforts, alternating running and swimming in open water" or "no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition" or of a FFTRI 2020 competition licence.


When do I have to give my medical certificate or competition license?

The easiest way is to send your medical voucher directly to your online file using the link you will receive in your registration confirmation. This will save you from stress in addition to the approach of the competition and in an eco-responsible approach you will not have to print the document once again. Attention, if your voucher has not been validated by the organisation in your online file or if it has not been posted, you must present it at the time of the withdrawal of the bibs, otherwise you will not be able to start the race.

Where to check the rules of the race?

The race rules are available in the information relating to the race in which you wish to participate (" tab ") Our races"« ).

What time do I have to come?

All information useful for the smooth running of your race (timetables, location, parking etc.) will be communicated to you upstream of the race through the official Roadbook of the event.

Locker room

It depends on the configuration of the home site of each race but, at minimum, there will be a hard toilet that can allow you to change in case of bad weather for example.


 No, there are no baggage instructions. However, you will be able to leave your car keys and personal papers to the organization during the race to not leave them in your vehicle. The whole will be returned to you right after the finish line.


 Yes, there is a toilet, in more or less number, on each of our dates.

Is there food on the course?

Refuelling is detailed in the official roadbook of each event (see tab "Refuelling") Races »)

Timing system 

All registrants will be given, along with their bib and rider package, an electronic chip that will give them their official time and ranking.

Time limit

Yes, except on SPRINT formats, and for organisational and security reasons, we must set up time barriers at different points along the route. However, these are based on fairly broad estimates, around 8min/km in running and 3min30/100m in swimming. You will be informed of these well in advance of the event.

Mandatory and prohibited material

MANDATORY MATERIAL, to be carried at all times under penalty of disqualification:

 The bib (provided by the organisation)

 A pair of swimming goggles

 A bath cap (provided by the organisation)

 A whistle (without ball)

 An isothermal combination adapted to T ° greater than or equal to 12 °c if water temperature below 16 °

 Survival coverage

PROHIBITED MATERIAL, under penalty of disqualification:

 An isothermal combination adapted to T ° greater than or equal to 12 °c if the water temperature exceeds 22 °

 Any buoyancy aid greater than 100cm x 30cm

 Fins and tubas are not allowed


 Pull-Buoy

 Hand Paddles

 Insulated Hood

 Neoprene Gloves

 Elastic Strap (leash)

 Safety Buoy (Safety buoy)

When and where can I view the results?

From the end of the day following your race, the official results will be published on the website www.swimrunman.fr

Are there any rankings?

Of course, each race format will give rise to individual and/or team rankings. The first three of the women/SCRATCH/mixed categories will be rewarded.

Where can I get my finisher medal?

From the crossed finish line we will take care of you passing it ourselves around the neck, history to let you enjoy every second of your arrival as a finisher.

Where to check my photos?

The photos will be published 48 to 72 hours after the event on the facebook page dedicated to the event. A first video will also be available the day after the race, before the official film 5 days after maximum.

Are recovery treatments planned?

We do our best to offer you free recovery treatments. Whatever happens, you will be informed well upstream of the event via the official roadbook of the test by the presence, or not, of these recovery stands.

Who can help me on the day of the race?

Team SWIMRUNMAN is renowned for its good humour and kindness. The members of the TEAM, and only them (easily identifiable by an identical outfit) will be able to help you in case of problem on the day of the race. Under no circumstances must you ask a spectator or any other external person to take the risk of having incorrect information. And, even if you are hyper concentrated in your race, nothing prevents you by a little smile or gesture to thank each volunteer member of the TEAM 😉

Can I volunteer on the race?

It is with great pleasure that we will welcome you as a volunteer in our SWIMRUNMAN team. We would also have to be foolish enough to refuse the help of a motivated person who is available! Take part in the smooth running of our event and join our TEAM by going to the tab VOLUNTEERS of the website. All the information is available.


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