22 AUGUST 2021


"The playground of the Great Lakes of Laffrey is a pure wonder for swimrun lovers."

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Swimrun Grenoble Laffrey


2.55km SWIM / 12.90km RUN
Effort time: 1h40 to 3h45

An ideal course to discover the swimrun. With swimming and running portions well distributed, neither too long nor too short, and 12 transitions on the program, this SPRINT SWIMRUNMAN by HEAD format will conquer novices as well as experienced swimrunners. Let yourself be tempted by the experience.

Swimrun Grenoble Laffrey


3.80km SWIM / 19km RUN
Effort time: 2h40 to 4h40

How can you not be transported by the spectacle offered by Laffrey's Great Lakes? The four lakes mark the border between the Écrins National Park and the Vercors, where nature still has its rights. Surrounded by the Taillefer massif (2857m), the Alpe du Grand Serre (2141m), the Tabor (2389m) and with the Obiou as a backdrop (2789m), the scenery is majestic.

Swimrun Grenoble Laffrey


6.30km SWIM / 25km RUN
Effort time: 4:00 to 8:00 am

Unique in the world, this course is the swimrun of all superlatives. An extraordinary challenge! 8 swimming sections (6.30km), including an incredible 2,500m crossing of Lake Laffrey lengthwise, 9 running sections (22.5km), then this Vertical Kilometer of the Grand Serre, (the most difficult in the world) for an epic finish that you won't find anywhere else.

Swimrun Grenoble Laffrey

from 800m to 2500m

6 years to 15 years
Effort time: 8′ to 20′

Scheduled the day before the events, the KIDS SWIMRUNMAN races are reserved for children from 6 to 15 years old on the beaches of Laffrey and around the village start/finish. This is a unique opportunity for little champion seeds to come and swim, run and cross the same "Finishline" as their elders!

"Here, nature is queen and the swimrun is king"


At an altitude of 1000m, in the heart of the Alps, the chain of lakes is atypical and the mountainous paths are magnificent at the foot of mythical French massifs: Taillefer (2857m), Alpe du Grand Serre (2141m), Tabor (2389m) or even Obiou (2789m). Welcome to the doors of the National Park of the boxes. ( swimrun grenoble laffrey)
In 2021, this preserved paradise will once again be the scene of a Global exclusivity at the height of the premises: the one and only SWIMRUN VERTICAL race in the world ! To this already legendary and labelled route ÖTILLÖ MERIT RACEThe CLASSIC and SPRINT formats will allow everyone to enjoy the region's natural environment and assets in their own way.
Discover below all the detailed race formats of the fifth edition of the SWIMRUN GRANDS LACS DE LAFFREY on August 22nd.


"A real home for the swimrun"


In the heart of the Alps, not far from Grenoble and on the border of the Belledonne Range, Taillefer, Oisans and the Écrins National Park, the routes of the fifth edition of the SWIMRUN GREAT LAKES OF LAFFREY Will cross the communes of Cholonge, Saint Théoffrey, Villard-Saint-Christophe and Laffrey, the real home of the swimrun.

It will take a lot of determination and recklessness to overcome the challenges (SPRINT - CLASSIC - VERTICAL ÖTILLÖ MERIT RACE) but you will not be alone in embarking on this incredible adventure, everyone will find a challenge to their measure. Will you be able to cope with these splendid routes between lakes and mountains ?