A body of water stands in front of you? You will cross it. A mountain? You will cross it. This is why swimrun is the outdoor sport that has been in vogue in France for several years. Become a discipline in its own right with its own rules, a Equipment Swimrun Specialized and more and more fans every day, every day that passes sees this booming sport evolve a little more. Swimming races or a return to adventure.
Our races SWIMRUNMAN France Series by HEAD are accessible at all levels through several possible distances (see also), from simple discovery to high level athletes, with even some labelled formats ÖTILLÖ MERIT RACE.

SWIMRUNMAN France Series, it's plus of 4,250 participants in 8 editions. Find the SWIMRUNMAN France Series by HEAD races in 2021 in unique and mythical places of the French territory. Will you be FINISHED?

Solo or Duo

swimrun in pairs


swimrun denivele


swimrun swimming open water verdon


swimrun transition team


swimrun verdon denivele trail

Semi Autonomy

swimrun autonomy

The main feature of the Swimrun, which distinguishes it directly from other disciplines such as triathlon or Aquathlon, is that each competitor carries throughout the race all of his usaEquipment necessary for its progression. As long as the departure is given up to the finish line, no participant will be able to get away and/or recover material; It will therefore have to be able to constantly adapt to the alternation of swimming and running on the course.

It is therefore essential to provide a Adapted equipment To the practice of swimrun and its variables (temperatures, altitude, etc.). Especially in terms of combination swimrun, shoes and accessories (hand-paddles, pull-buoy etc.).


Since 2020, HEAD is the title partner of the events SWIMRUNMAN FRANCE. Discover their Range of equipment Swimrun specially dedicated to the discipline. Their multi-functional combinations and accompanying accessories - pads, pull-buoy, neoprene hood, cups and sleeves - bring together the best of technology HEAD SWIMMING Adapted to the practice of swimrun.
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At their creation, the races SWIMRUNMAN FRANCE Were carried out only by team of two. This reinforced safety between teammates and contributed to the development of the Swimrun's original values: sharing, overtaking, mutual assistance and solidarity. Since then, the discipline has undergone several evolutions. We wanted to respond to the needs expressed by the swimrunners and also as we felt them on our trials and on a daily basis. Thus, it is now possible to register individually for SWIMRUNMAN races. On shorter formats such as races SPRINT Yes CLASSIC and longer formats (HALF VERTICAL And ULTRA, NIGHT counting all four as ÖTILLÖ MERIT RACE) are always practiced in teams of two for obvious safety reasons after several hours of effort but also, and above all, to live an adventure that goes beyond the scope of the sport and during which you share moments of great intensity with your teammate (or teammate).
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10 to 15 KM



20 to 25 KM



40 to 45KM



World Exclusive - 30km - DUO

Arrival: 1000 m of ascent to finish at the summit in 2141m 


41KM - DUO

Departure at 11:00 pm


60 to 70 KM


In 2021, the SWIMRUNMAN FRANCE races will offer these 6 different distances, solo or in duet, in breathtaking landscapes that will make you forget the efforts made. Nature lovers and sportsmen of all levels will share the same taste for effort during some of the most beautiful swimrun races in the world, which will allow you to score points in the Ranking ÖTILLÖÖ.

Laffrey Great Lakes 2020

Gorges du Verdon 2019

Verdon Gorge 2018

Great Lakes of Laffrey 2019

Embrun - Lake of Serre-Ponçon 2019

Great Lakes of Laffrey 2018

Verdon Gorge 2017

Great Lakes of Laffrey 2017